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New On-Street Parking - Titanic Boulevard

New On-Street Parking - Titanic Boulevard
Titanic Quarter will commence provision of on street parking on Titanic Boulevard (opposite PRONI entrance) on the 20th May 2013. Titanic Boulevard on street parking will operate on a ‘pay & display’ basis with enforcement.

Titanic Ltd has provided the following information - Parking is paid for in advance at the pay machine provided. When your chosen duration has been paid for the pay machine will provide a valid ticket. This ticket needs to left on your vehicles dash board, ensuring that it is clearly visible. The pay & display payment machine will accept coins only and will also have a facility for ‘park by text’ cashless payment shortly. We will provide a further notice when park by text facility go live date has been confirmed together with instructions on use.

New signage will be installed on by the 18th May 2013 and display all necessary information in compliance with BPA policy.

TARIFFS for ‘Pay & Display’ on street parking >
0>1hr - £1.50
2hr - £2.50
3hr - £3.50
4hr - £4.50
5hr - £5.50
6hr - £6.50
7hr - £7.50
8hr - £8.50

£6.00 overnight rate between hours of 5.00pm & 8.00am
For stays over 8 hrs add £3.00 per hour or part thereof (maximum charge for 24hr period is £22.00)

The Parking Enforcement Agency (PEA) are being employed to enforce the Pay & Display on street parking, this is also effective from the 20th May 2013. Any vehicle not displaying a valid car parking ticket or parked illegally within the isles will be clamped. Clamp release fee are £120.00

Should anyone have any issues whilst using this facility PEA can be contacted via their control room on 0844 544 4141

Story by Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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