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PRONI Records on CAIN – 1982 collection

PRONI Records on CAIN – 1982 collection
Previously secret records from 1982 are now available online. The documents have been added to the Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN) website as part of ongoing work between the University of Ulster and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

Staff from the University and PRONI have worked together to make the records freely available on the ‘PRONI records on CAIN’ (Conflict Archive on the INternet) website.

In terms of the number of documents there are 61 in total from the 1982 releases, primarily relating to political developments, the establishment of the NI Assembly, De Lorean and Harland & Wolff.

The new items will provide a valuable online digital resource for researchers looking for information on 1982.

There are now 833 PRONI Records on CAIN – representing approximately 3,400 pages.

In October 2010 an initial selection of records for the years 1968 to 1979 was made available. This was made up of hundreds of government records, formerly classified as restricted or secret.

In 2012 an additional selection of material dealing with the year 1981 and covering such topics as the 1981 Republican Hunger Strike, Anglo-Irish relations as well as ongoing political and security matters relating to Northern Ireland, was added.

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