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The Ulster Covenant


The archive of the Ulster Unionist Council, held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), contains just under half a million original signatures and addresses of the men who, on 28 September 1912, signed the Ulster Covenant, and of the women who signed the parallel Declaration. In total, the Covenant was signed by 237,368 men, and the Declaration by 234,046 women.
Carson signing the Ulster Covenant
Photograph of Carson signing the Covenant - (PRONI INF/7A/2/48)
Previously the Covenant was difficult and very time-consuming to access and, consequently, it was under-used. PRONI has now improved access by digitising all the signatures, in recognition that the on-line database should make a significant contribution to both genealogical research and cultural tourism.
City Hall crowd on Ulster Day
Crowd scene outside Belfast City Hall on 'Ulster Day' - (PRONI INF/7A/2/40)