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The History of Witchcraft, Magic and the Devil in Ireland Conference

The History of Witchcraft, Magic and the Devil in Ireland
A Conference at PRONI, 31st October 2013

To mark the publication of Dr. Andrew Sneddon's new book on the Islandmagee witchcraft trial, not to mention Halloween, PRONI hosted an evening conference which examined various aspects of belief in the supernatural in Ireland, prior to the twentieth century. The event was so popular that PRONI repeated the event in November 2013- these videos stem from that night.  
The speakers were all from the University of Ulster.
Part 1
The evening began with an introduction by Dr. Andrew Sneddon, followed by our first talk, Portrayals of Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern English and European Witchcraft Imagery by Cara Hanley.
Part 2
Following on from Cara, John Fulton took us through a local example, Mary Butters, the Carnmoney Witchcraft Case, 1807-08. This was followed by the first part of Jodie Shevlin's, Demonic Possession, Exorcism and Catholic Clergy in Pre-Famine Ireland.
Part 3
Following on from Jodie, Dr. Andrew Sneddon presented an overview of his work, Writing the History of Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland.
Part 4
This was the conclusive part of Dr. Sneddon's talk.

YouTube Link- Witchcraft Part 4
Part 5
Speaker Q&A