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Professional information

PRONI strongroom Privately deposited record Touching up of records
Image of PRONI strongroom.
The Public Record of Northern Ireland (PRONI) was established under the Public Records Act (Northern Ireland) 1923 (80KB) Adobe PDF formatted document Opens a new browser window., for the reception and preservation of public records.  As a result, PRONI receives records from Government departments, Courts, Local Authorities and non-departmental public bodies.  In addition, it collects a wide range of archives from private sources.
PRONI staff have been at the forefront of recent developments in the management of both paper and electronic records.  PRONI provides records management advice to those working in information management throughout the Northern Ireland public sector.
The following professional information pages contain:
  • reports, guidance documents and standards that deal with the current issues facing public record-keeping in Northern Ireland;
  • links and information related to career development across a variety of archive associated disciplines;
  • conference information, including details on the PRONI annual Records Management Conference and past conference papers and presentations.