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Plantation Families - People, Records and Resources

Plantation Families: People, Records and Resources
A Family and Local History Event on the Plantation of Ulster
27 September 2013

This event focused on archives and resources tied to the Ulster Plantation of the early seventeenth century, a period of critical importance in the shaping of modern Ulster and Ireland.
The event was held on 27th September 2013 in PRONI, Belfast and then in Derry~Londonderry the next day. This video is of the presentations in PRONI.
A host of renowned experts on the Plantation spoke at this one-off event, held in tribute to the life and work of R.J. (Bob) Hunter.
The speakers on the day were as follows:
- Dr. William Roulston (Ulster Historical Foundation) on Plantation people
- Dr. Glynn Kelso (PRONI) on Plantation records
- John Johnston (who prepared R.J. Hunter's edition of the Ulster Muster Roll for publication) on the Ulster Muster Roll c. 1630
- Dr. Brendan Scott (NUI Maynooth) on the Ulster Port Books 1612-15
- Dr. Patricia Stewart (London Metropolitan Archives) on the Great Parchment Book
- Ian Montgomery (PRONI) on the Antrim estate records of the 1600s
- Dr. Bethany Sinclair (PRONI) on the Caulfields of Castle Caulfield
The video of this event is split into two parts, as follows: