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PRONI on the record: Online

PRONI event at the John Hewitt Bar, Belfast PRONI exhibtion of documents relating to China Talk in the PRONI lecture room
Image of exhibition cases in the PRONI Self-service Microfilm room.
PRONI on the Record illustrates the wide range of material deposited at the Public Record Office of Northern Irelan (PRONI).  What particularly distinguishes PRONI from other archival institutions in the British Isles is the unique combination of public records and privately deposited archives.  
PRONI is not the Northern Ireland equivalent or imitation of any mainland UK institution.  Rather, it combines the functions and responsibilities of a whole range of institutions - it is Public Record Office, Manuscripts Department of a National Library and County Record Office for the six counties of Northern Ireland in one.  This range of remit, embracing central and local government, the Church and the private sector, is an essay in archival administration which is unique to Northern Ireland.  It is of incalculable benefit to students, genealogists and members of the public that archival material of whatever provenance from within Northern Ireland, and in some cases from outside Northern Ireland, is gathered together, preserved and made available in one place.
PRONI is very much aware that it is the record office for the whole of Northern Ireland.  Already many researchers use the office by proxy through the Area Education and Library Boards and through a publications programme which includes a wide-ranging series of guides.  An emphasis is also placed on collaboration with other institutions so that the whole array of historical sources, archives and artifacts, can be seen in relation to each other.  PRONI on the Record is designed to illustrate the wide range of records held in PRONI's custody and underlines PRONI's commitment to preserve Northern Ireland's archival heritage and to encourage the widest possible use of its resources.