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North to South: Northern Ireland and the History of Australia

Ground Zero flag Touchscreen and image boards from the Change, Conflict and Transformation Exhibition Group talks at PRONI
Pick a topic of reseach from our online exhibitions options, below, and explore the role of Northern Ireland in the development of Australia. From those taken against their will to the emigrants chasing tales of gold and fortune, the history of Australia is interwoven with the lives of the men, women and children from Ulster who landed on her shores.
PRONI has probably the largest collection of emigrant letters held in any archive centre in the world and the images displayed on the site are taken, in the main, from sources held here, that are open to the public for research and study.
Images displayed on the site are taken, in the main, from sources held in PRONI
Letters from Alexander Boyce to his family 1832 PRONI Ref: T3650/2
Ned Kelly sketch
Member of the Osborne clan imported into Australia
Bridget Hartigan- a workhouse orphan transported to Australia
Gold fever Miners Painting
Part of a handbill of the Green, Robinson &Co Regular Line of Clipper Ships, c.1860
St Patrick's catherdral, Melbourne 1880 PRONI Ref: D2412/D/1
Annie, Maggie and Connie Cooke of Australia. PRONI Ref: d2412/D/2
Map of Parish of Nagar, Co. Ashburnham, Molong District NSW. PRONI Ref: D1016/8
the Menonah in Belfast