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G8: Hall of Documents & Top 10 treasures of PRONI relating to Co. Fermanagh

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Between the years 1825 – 1845 60% of all immigrants to Canada were Irish. Between 1830 – 1850, 624,000 people arrived to Canadian shores from Ireland alone. Above is a scan of a passenger list to Quebec 1864, (PRONI Ref D2892/1/3)

United States of America


The son of an American president, awarded the congressional medal of honour, and portrayed by Henry Fonda in the film The Longest Day, Theodore Roosevelt III was famous for his family background and for his military service during two World Wars. Before America’s involvement in the Second World War, Theodore Roosevelt III was involved with the Doubleday publishing company. (see above PRONI ref D2455/4)

United Kingdom


Before Winston Churchill became Prime Minister his earlier political career had close links with Irish politics. In 1921 as Secretary of State of the Colonies, Churchill became one of the signatories of the Anglo Irish Treaty.The above letter (1924) is from Northern Ireland’s First Prime Minister James Craig to Churchill, (PRONI ref D3480/59/56)



Between the years 1789 – 1799 the French Revolution was to have formidable repercussions particularly so in Ireland.The above letters refers to the support of the French Revolution by Irish citizens. (PRONI Ref D623/A/133/26 and D623/A/135/8)


Francesco Crispi was Italian Prime Minister from 1887-91 and 1893-96. Crispi was internationally famous and often mentioned along with world statesmen such as Bismarck, Gladstone and Salisbury. Above is a letter from Crispi dating from the 1890's (PRONI Ref D1071/H/B/C/716).


Above are the first pages of a journal kept by Samuel Waring of his tour through Germany and Italy in 1687 (PRONI Ref: D695/225). This journal comes from the Waring Manuscripts relating to the Waring Family of Waringstown and Donacloney, Co. Down.


This photo of Nagasaki, Japan (PRONI Ref: D552/B/3/5/5) from 1885 is taken from the Nugent of Portaferry Papers deriving from the Portaferry House branch of the Anglo-Norman family of Savage of the Ards, Co. Down, which changed its name to Nugent in 1812.


Lord Dufferin was arguably the pre-eminent British diplomat and imperial administrator of the last third of the 19th century and was appointed Ambassador to St Petersburg in 1879. The document above is Lord Dufferin's Visitors' book from St. Petersburg 1879-1880 (PRONI Ref: D1071/H/J/2/8).

Top 10 treasures of PRONI relating to Enniskillen and Co. Fermanagh

1. Ely Papers (D580) – amounting to a total of c.1,550 documents covering the period 1630-1928 the Ely Papers document the estates, mainly in Co. Fermanagh, Wexford and Dublin of the Loftus family, from 1751 Barons and Viscounts Loftus and Earls and Marquesses of Ely. The Lough Erne resort stands near the former Ely Lodge residence.
2. Erne Papers (D1939) – relating to the family and personal affairs of the Creighton Family of Crom Castle, Newtownbutler who were created Earls Erne in 1789.
3. Belmore Papers (D3007) – spanning the period 1612-1949 this archive documents the estates of the Lowry-Corry family of Castle Coole, Enniskillen.
4. Enniskillen Papers (D1702) – a substantial archive of the Cole family, Earls of Enniskillen, of Florence Court, Enniskillen.
5. Brookeborough Papers (D3004 and D998) – received from the Brooke family of Colebrooke, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, baronets and (from 1952) Viscounts Brookeborough.
6. Porter Papers (D1390/10) - papers of the Porter family of Belleisle, Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh, and Clogher Park, Clogher, Co. Tyrone, 1828-1950.
7. Falls & Hanna Papers (D1390) – this major legal collection comprises the records of Falls & Hanna, solicitors, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh (1613-1950).
8. Cahir Healy Papers (D2991) – the political, literary and personal papers of the Nationalist politician and Westminster MP for Fermanagh and Tyrone (c1900-1970).
9. Archdale Papers (T359) - family papers of Lieutenant-Colonel J.B. Archdale, of Castle Archdale, County Fermanagh, 1537-1909.
10. Enniskillen Board of Guardians (BG/14) – records from the Enniskillen workhouse 1840-1952.