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Current Exhibition

Ground Zero flag Touchscreen and image boards from the Change, Conflict and Transformation Exhibition Group talks at PRONI

A Century of Change, Conflict and Transformation

Children at army checkpoint, Crumlin Road, Belfast, 1969 PRONI Ref: INF/7/A/7/11  Army checkpoint at security gates, North Street, Belfast, c.1977 PRONI ref: INF/7/A/7/71  Photograph of the wedding of Thomas Andrews and Helen Reilly Barbour, Comber, Co. Down, 1908. PRONI Ref: D3655/A/6/1/2  Photograph of group of boys looking over Downpatrick, Co. Down, c.1950s PRONI ref: D4122/B/27
'A Century of Change, Conflict and Transformation' is currently running, covering the period 1911 to 2011. Touching on major events and themes including governance, leisure, economy and society, the exhibition uses original documents and artefacts held within PRONI’s archives..

What is the Exhibition About?

female factory workers in Belfast

The exhibition marks the 70th Anniversary of the Belfast Blitz with pictures, personal diaries and first hand accounts and by allowing visitors to step into a replica Anderson Shelter to get a sense of the Blitz experience. Other highlights include an interactive touchscreen and documents and images relating to the manufacture of the DeLorean Sports Car, of ‘Back to the Future’ movie fame, and the life of Thomas Andrews, the designer of the tragic RMS Titanic.
Anderson Shelter, part of the Change, Conflict and Transformation Exhibition

The exhibition looks at the effect on the lives of Belfast's inhabitants through the Troubles and both World Wars and how global change affected Belfast, including the 'Hungry Thirties' and the 'Swinging Sixties'. The exhibition also notes changes in the type of media used to record information over the years and how the digital age may affect how future generations access their history‘

Christmas circus programme, Empire Theatre, Belfast, 1959. PRONI Ref: D1304/1/E

Topics Covered

  • Titanic
  • The Birth of the UVF
  • WW1
  • Creation Of Northern Ireland
  • WW2- Rations and Americans in Northern Ireland
  • The Blitz
  • The Rise and Fall of Belfast's Shipping and Textile Industries
  • The Troubles
  • The DeLorean Factory
  • The Growth of Music, Television and Radio

WHERE? Held in PRONI's new building in the Titanic Quarter
WHEN? Currently running, see PRONI opening times
There is no charge for visiting the exhibition.
If you would like to arrange a group visit or school trip, please contact PRONI.
‘Teenage Kicks’ by The Undertones – record and sleeve, 1978. PRONI Ref: T3909DeLorean publicity photograph, c.1981. PRONI ref: INF/7/A/11/1/72Belfast Giants Ice Hockey Player, Odyssey.
Conflict, Change and Transformation Exhibition image boards and touchscreenPhotograph of the Conflict, Change and Transformation Exhibition