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Education and academics

School bus Re-enactment for a school group in the PRONI lecture room Classroom lesson
PRONI holds a rich and diverse collection of archives which, in essence, tell the story of Northern Ireland’s political, industrial, cultural, social and community history.
Archives can be used to enhance the education and learning process at all levels - school pupils, students, teachers, university lecturers, academics and life-long learners can all benefit.
Academics and historians have always used archives to research various topics for lectures and publications, however, it is not necessary for everyone to carry out an in-depth study of the records to improve their sense of history.  For example, a picture can often tell a thousand words about life at the time it was taken.  At a glance, a Victorian town scene can provide historical information about the clothes people wore, the landscape and buildings in the background and the means of transport people used.
In effect, the archives help to put into context what it was like for local people living through various historical eras and events.