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Freedom of Information

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What is the Freedom of Information Act?

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The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (2000) Opens a new browser window. is one of several pieces of legislation which currently operate to give members of the public greater access to public sector information. FOI grants people the right to access information about government and public sector organisations, the information they hold and how they operate.
Information made available under FOI consequently becomes available to anyone.
Other public access to information legislation includes the Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) 2004, which provide a right of access to environmental information and the Data Protection Act 1998, which allows you to access personal data held about yourself.

How does FOI apply to PRONI?

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (2000) Opens a new browser window. gives you the right to know whether PRONI holds the information you want and requires us to provide access to that information wherever possible.
FOI provides a statutory right of access to:

Conflict-related court and inquest records

For information on accessing conflict-related court and inquest records please see the relevant leaflets in the Information Leaflets section of our website.